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The next London Show will be December 3rd at the Bill Murray, Islington…

The theme is ‘Mind and Body’ – with headliner HARRIET KEMSLEY!

Full Information and tickets are available at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/standupphilosophy/325874

Come along if you’re curious!


Stand-up Philosophy will once again be doing a full Edinburgh Fringe run from the 1st to the 25th August!

Every afternoon at 3pm, in the Counting House Ballroom, we’ll be featuring a different lineup of the Fringe’s most intelligent comedians and a different philosophical theme each day.

The shows are…

1st – ‘Belief’ – featuring ALEX FARROW with ALEX MASON and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

2nd – ‘Good and Evil’ featuring ALEX KEALY, with CHELSEA BIRKBY, ALEX FARROW and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

3rd – ‘Justice’ featuring SOPHIE DUKER, with DAPHNA BARAM and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

4th – ‘Science’ featuring HARRIET BRAINE, with ALEX MASON and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

5th – ‘Happiness’ featuring LILY PHILLIPS, with CLAIRE FIELD, CHARLIE SAFFREY and host ALEX MASON

6th – ‘Mistakes’ featuring MATT PARKER, with ALEX MASON and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

7th – ‘Art’ featuring IAN LANE, with ALEX FARROW and host CHARLIE SAFFREY

8th – ‘Love’ featuring ALASDAIR BECKETT-KING

9th – ‘Belief’ featuring KATE SMURTHWAITE

10th – ‘Good and Evil’ featuring ALICE FRASER

11th – ‘Justice’ featuring ALEXANDER BENNETT

12th – ‘Science’ featuring THOM TUCK

13th – ‘Happiness’ featuring CHARLIE SAFFREY

14th – ‘Mistakes’ (tbc)

15th – ‘Art’ featuring HARRIET BRAINE

16th – ‘Love’ featuring ALEXANDER BENNETT

17th – ‘Belief’ (tbc)

18th – ‘Good and Evil’ featuring KATE SMURTHWAITE

19th – ‘Justice’ featuring ALEX KEALY

20th – ‘Science’ featuring HARRIET BRAINE

21st – ‘Happiness’ featuring CHARLIE SAFFREY

22nd – ‘Mistakes’ (tbc)

23rd – ‘Art’ featuring HARRIET BRAINE

24th – ‘Love’ (tbc)

25th – ‘Good and Evil’ featuring KATE SMURTHWAITE





Stand-up Philosophy did a full live run at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival. In total we performed for about 1500 people over 25 shows, featuring top comedians and academic philosophers from all over the UK. Looking forward to another run in 2019…